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Early years: Our tools and services

Follow the links below to use the various tools or services. These links will take you to different sections of this website.

Early Years Profiles show at a glance how your local area performs against key public health outcomes for young people, allowing you to compare the data with other local authorities and nationally. Local and national trend and baseline information are provided where available.

Breastfeeding Profiles show performance against a range of indicators describing demographic, breastfeeding behaviour and health outcome data for mothers and their children.

Unintentional injuries among children under 5 years sets out action areas for local authorities and their partners and describes steps local partnerships can take to build robust injury prevention strategies. Data about unintentional injuries in each local authority is also provided.

Facts and figures on infant mortality and stillbirths slide set and briefing present key evidence and data on infant mortality and stillbirths at a national level.

Service snapshot - infant mortality and stillbirths provides a summary of demand, provision and outcomes for services in a particular area.

Infant Mortality and Stillbirths Profiles for local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) show performance against a range of indicators allowing comparisons nationally and locally.

Preparing a needs assessment: guidance for health visiting students gives guidance and links to relevant data sources, tools and documents to help health visiting students when undertaking a local needs assessment as part of their university course. Related guidance to using data and evidence is available on our Using this site pages.

Data atlas brings together a range of data and statistics on child and maternal health into one easily accessible hub.

PHE data and analysis tools provides a single point of access to data and analysis tools from across Public Health England.

Children’s public health 0-5 years – an interim reporting system to collect health visiting activity includes information to help you collect data about health visiting activity at a local authority resident level, as part of the national interim reporting system. You can also link to the data as it is published quarterly. The interim reporting system has been proposed by PHE following the transfer of responsibility for commissioning children's public health services (0-5 years) from NHS England to local authorities.

Support and training. If you need any help or advice in using the tools or interpreting the information they provide, contact the Local Specialist working in your area.

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