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Most popular resources

The list shows the most popular (that is the most downloaded) resources on the ChiMat website.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Better mental health outcomes for children and young people: a resource directory for commissioners

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    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 21:51:11

    The purpose of the directory is to ensure that the principles, exemplars and practical tools developed by the National CAMHS Support Service (NCSS) between 2003 and 2011 remain accessible to all those who are commissioni ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Self-harm in children and young people handbook

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    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 23:06:46

    This handbook is designed to provide basic knowledge and awareness of the facts and issues behind self-harm in children and young people, with advice about ways staff in children’s services can respond.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document PREview conversation starter: How can PREview resources help our Team in its prevention work?

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    Last downloaded was 26/03/2017 12:08:28

    This conversation starter can be used to facilitate discussion within your team about how you can use PREview to help your work together.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document PREview literature review: Health needs assessment tools currently in use

    Downloaded 14659 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 19:43:42

    A review of four different assessment tools or processes which are currently in use in England: Derby City Health Needs Assessment Tool; Tynedale Health Needs Assessment Tool; Kirklees Universal Needs Assessment; and th ...

  • Website Fetal Alcohol Forum newsletter issue 11 – June 2014 (research digest)

    Downloaded 12534 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 12:56:11

    The June issue of the fetal alcohol forum newsletter summarising the latest research relating to foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Fundamentals of commissioning health services for children

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    Last downloaded was 25/03/2017 03:41:52

    Too many children are admitted to hospital. Though it may be an easier way to manage risk for those not confident to care for children and young people in the community, it should not be forgotten that admission is traum ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Identifying vulnerable children

    Downloaded 10823 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 22:02:04

    This guidance aims to provide background information and advice for local areas who wish to identify vulnerable children in order to improve outcomes for those children through early intervention.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document PREview literature reivew: Factors which predict health and well-being outcomes for children up the age of 5

    Downloaded 9856 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 22:19:38

    The aim of this literature review was to identify factors which are associated with health and well-being outcomes up to age 5, with particular focus on physical and cognitive development, emotional and behavioural well- ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document CAMHS in context (induction package): helping you to achieve better outcomes for children, young people and families

    Downloaded 9117 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 09:47:25

    Designed to help and support the induction and integration of new staff into specialist CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) and underpinned by the core functions, this resource recognises the knowledge sk ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Disability and obesity: the prevalence of obesity in disabled children

    Downloaded 8887 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 23:07:52

    Children who have a limiting illness are more likely to be obese or overweight, particularly if they also have a learning disability. 40% of children aged under 8 years old with a limiting illness and learning disabilit ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Guide to interpreting Child Health Profiles

    Downloaded 8863 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 02:06:37

    Child Health Profiles (produced by ChiMat) provide a picture of child health and well-being for each area in England. They use the most up-to-date, publically available health and well-being data which enable comparison ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Tackling stigma: a practical toolkit

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    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 22:00:44

    This resource brings together guidance, best practice examples, case studies, resources and literature to help tackle the stigma associated with children's and young people's mental health. An online version is available ...

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Directory of CAMHS service provision for looked after children in the North East Region

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    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 21:41:06

    This directory lists a range of information over and above contact details. For instance, it includes services such as what is working well in the team.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Preparing a needs assessment: guidance for health visiting students

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    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 10:40:25

    This short guide gives guidance and links to relevant data sources, tools and documents to help health visiting students when undertaking a local needs assessment as part of their university course.

  • Website Child health profiles

    Downloaded 8124 times
    Last downloaded was 27/03/2017 21:01:47

  • Website Promoting children’s emotional wellbeing

    Downloaded 7382 times
    Last downloaded was 15/03/2017 23:08:03

    Promotion of emotional wellbeing should be a priority integral to all paediatric practice. The emotional environment may determine or merely influence children’s needs, but is always relevant.... The abstract for this p ...

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