Information for young people, parents, carers and families about mental health and wellbeing

The phrase ‘mental health problem’ is used to describe a wide range of symptoms and experiences. These can be things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders or schizophrenia. Mental health problems can develop at any time, but often first emerge when people are in their teens. Mental health problems can affect people in different ways and can last for different lengths of time. For more information on common concerns about mental health that affect young people please check out the YoungMinds website.

There are lots of websites and resources offering information and support to children, young people, parents, carers and families affected by mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. ChiMat do not provide direct services to families. Follow the links below to find information and support.

Leading national charities and organisations offering services as well as practical advice and publications to support young people, parents, carers and families.

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Includes websites, networks and guidance on how you can get involved to influence decisions about how children's and young people's services are planned and provided.

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Websites that help you find the right services in your local area for you or someone you know.

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