The school health hub provides access to resources relating to the commissioning and delivery of health services for school children and young people and its associated good practice, including the new service offer for school nursing. It will be of use to all those interested in improving public health outcomes for children and young people including local authorities, public health, commissioners, providers, schools and governors, and public health nurses. This hub is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as resources and priorities are identified.

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We have developed a range of resources to support school health.

Read more about our school health tools and services or link directly to each tool below. The links will take you to different sections of the website.

Preparing a needs assessment: guidance for school nursing students
School-Age Children Profiles
School-Age Children Topical Report
Workforce Knowledge Hub
Children’s Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Knowledge Hub
Data Atlas
If you need any help or advice in using these tools or interpreting the information they provide, contact your local specialist.

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The policy context – school health
Key topics:
Healthy weight
Learning disabilities
School meals and food
School nursing
Sport and physical activity
Supporting mental health in schools (links to this topic in the mental health hub)
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We are continuing to develop the key topics above to make resources easier to find. Your feedback is welcome.

We are also developing new key topics, such as sexual health.