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CAMHS workforce navigator

A quick step guide to products and tools to support the Strategic, Team and Individual development of a needs led workforce for children and young people.

This workforce navigator is divided into 3 cross sections – Strategic, Team and Individual – depending on your starting point. Whilst it is recognised that many of the approaches may come from an individual or team, for a change to be effective and sustainable it is important to get senior management sign up and to ensure that it relates to the strategic direction of the organisation.

You can click on the boxes below to go to specific tools and products, or use the links on the left menu to browse the key resources relevant to each stage of workforce planning. A short case study illustrates how the workforce navigator and related resources might be used.


Case study

Nicole is the team leader of a specialist child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) community team. She would like to explore how her team could improve the service that they deliver, in partnership with those who use the service. Nicole recognises the current restrictions in terms of the financial climate and would like to explore how the team could use their existing resources more productively and efficiently to improve the quality of the service they deliver.

After checking the CAMHS workforce website and exploring the workforce navigator she meets with her senior manager to discuss undertaking Capable Teams for Children and Young People (CTCYP). As a result of completing the CTCYP the team produce a Team Profile and Workforce Plan (TPWP) which identifies: the reconfiguration of a vacancy to introduce a new assistant practitioner role; unused skills within the team that can be used to support new ways of working; and some training and development needs matched against the needs of the people who use the service. The senior manager also intends to use the TPWP to inform the commissioning of future training and to feed into the Comprehensive CAMHS Integrated Workforce Plan.

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