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Continence in children

5 October 2015
We’ve updated our Needs Assessment Report about continence in children and young people with the latest data for local authorities and CCGs. This is one of a series of popular reports which help you undertake local needs assessments as part of children’s and young people’s planning and joint strategic needs assessments.

NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare 2015

21 September 2015
We bring together over 60 indicators relating to the care of mothers, babies, children and young people to support the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare in highlighting and tackling unwarranted variation in healthcare and health outcomes.

Improving services for children

26 August 2015
We’ve updated the Disease Management Information Tool (DMIT) and incorporated it into our new Improving Services Toolkit: children with long-term conditions. The toolkit examines emergency hospital admissions for children because of asthma, diabetes or epilepsy.

Service Snapshot and Needs Assessment Report – CAMHS

20 July 2015
We’ve updated these reports with the latest available data for local authorities and CCGs. You can generate reports for your local area showing evidence-based information on prevalence and risk factors affecting children and the provision of services.

New CAMHS Modelling Tool now available

4 July 2015
The CAMHS Modelling Tool helps NHS commissioners and local authority partners to plan and improve child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in their area.

Child Health Profiles 2015 - PHE centre summaries

1 July 2015
We’ve added a summary for each Public Health England (PHE) centre of the data in Child Health Profiles 2015.

Child Health Profiles 2015 - PDF reports

17 June 2015
These popular profiles provide a snapshot of child health and wellbeing for each local authority in England using key health indicators. Summaries are also available for strategic clinical networks.

Tools and Data

We provide easy access to a wealth of data, information and intelligence through a range of online tools designed to support decision-making.

We are developing a suite of tools as well as providing access to and guidance on selecting and using a range of other available tools and datasets relating to child and maternal health. View our guide to using ChiMat to improve commissioning for an overview of how our tools and services can support you.

Select interactive maps, relevant indicators and accessible statistics relating to child and maternal health. European Atlas available.

New Service Snapshots summarise service demand, provision and outcomes in a particular area. Maternity, Obesity, CAMHS, Teenage pregnancy, and Disability available.

Use Data Atlas

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View key child health indicators and compare performance locally, regionally and nationally.

PDF reports for Local Authority Child Health Profiles 2015 new

Interactive Child Health Profiles for child health, infant mortality and stillbirths, breastfeeding, early years, school-age children and young people.

View Child Health Profiles

Identifies unwarranted variation in services and highlights opportunities to improve health outcomes and minimise inequalities. To support the NHS Atlas of Variation, we present over 60 indicators relating to the care of mothers, babies, children and young people updated.

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Developed in response to recommendations of the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum to inform discussions and encourage improvements in services and health outcomes for children and young people.

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A set of evidence based planning tools to help commissioners, managers and professionals target resources now to improve children's outcomes at age 5 years.

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The JSNA Navigator - Children and Young People aims to take you directly to the data which you need when conducting a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) locally for children and young people.

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Increase efficiency of services for children with long-term conditions. Asthma, diabetes and epilepsy modules available.


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Compare expenditure and other aspects of services with a number of outcome measures at PCT level. CAMHS, Child Health and Maternity and Newborn tools now available.

Use Outcomes versus Expenditure Tools

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Find a range of datasets, databases, reports and tools providing data and statistics about children, young people and maternity. We've updated and relaunched this directory to include many more data sources.

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Produce local reports presenting information and evidence, including benchmarking data. Essential in supporting needs assessments, business cases and service improvement.

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Assess organisational progress against key policy and standards.

Includes Acute paediatric services, Infant mortality, NICE neonatal standards, and Young people's mental health transitions.

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Redesigned and updated in July 2015 to help NHS commissioners and local authority partners to devise and test plans to improve services to meet the needs of under-18s with mental health issues. new

Use CAMHS Modelling Tool

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Follow the step-by-step guide to completing your workforce plan. Developed with the NCSS National Workforce Programme.

Use Comprehensive CAMHS Integrated Workforce Planning Tool

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