Tackling Stigma Toolkit

Tackling Stigma

This toolkit is for professionals, partnerships and organisations who commission and provide mental health services for children and young people. It aims to help professionals think about how to tackle stigma across a number of domains and to help organisations consider who might be involved in order to have the greatest impact. It will help to ensure that children and young people are at the centre of local plans, so that they can be involved in decision-making about the choices available to them.

Get started by following the Steps for Successfully Tackling Stigma roadmap. Implement the eight priority domains identified in the Tackling Stigma Framework. Learn from the valuable Lessons from the Pilot Sites. Use the many Resources identified to support you on your journey to tackling stigma. Download a pdf of the Tackling Stigma Toolkit.

You can click on each of the priority domains in the Tackling Stigma Framework below to access guidance, case studies and practical tools.


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