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The transitions to adulthood hub brings together a range of resources and evidence relating to young people's transition process into the adult world. It is regularly updated.

The development of transitional care is one of the major challenges for the twenty-first century as the survival rates and medical outcomes for child and adolescent recipients of transplants continue to improve. Such developments must include both paediatric and adult providers and is likely to require training of professionals in both arenas. Transition is a multidimensional process with transfer to adult care, only one event within that process.”

Dr Janet McDonagh, Institute of Child Health, Birmingham Children's Hospital, 2005

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In addition to this resource we also have a CAMHS Transitions themed area, a young people's mental health transitions self-assessment tool and a range of data on our Data Atlas.

If you need any help or advice in using these tools or interpreting the information they provide, contact your local specialist.

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Key Documents

The documents below provide a good introduction to transition issues. For a full list, view the key documents page.

Adolescent Health Programme (AHP) Talking Heads (RCPCH)
The Adolescent Health Programme (AHP) was launched in 2008. Since then there has been a significant increase in the uptake of this free e-learning resource.

Transition: getting it right for young people (DH, 2006)
This good practice guide aims to show that the handover from children's and young people's services to adult services should be planned and managed as a process. The guide suggests how this can best be accomplished in the context of the evidence base.

The Transition Information Network (TIN)
The aim of this website is to provide information about the transition process that is useful to professionals and parents/carers. There is also a young people's section with information, news and events.

Transition support
The Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC): Better support for families review found that more needed to be done to coordinate services for disabled young people in transition to adult life, and to ensure young people and families can access high-quality information at key points.

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