Using ChiMat: Assessing needs

A good starting point to help understand the issues around child and maternal health in your area”


Use this page to see how ChiMat's tools and services can help you gain a good understanding of your population's current and likely future needs.

ChiMat tools and data

  • Get directly to the data you need when conducting a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) locally for children and young people
    JSNA Navigator - Children and Young People

  • Find quantative information to support robust, evidence-based joint strategic needs assessments (JSNA) and children and young people's plans
    Needs assessment reports - available for child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), children and young people with disabilities, continence in children, demographic profile, maternity and speech and language.

  • Look at demand for services in a given area
    Service snapshots - available for CAMHS, disability, infant mortality, maternity, obesity, teenage pregnancy and vaccination and immunisation.

  • Compare performance with other areas and learn from what works in similar locations
    Data atlas ready analysis and presentation of local, regional and national indicators and statistics over time.

  • Read research and good practice evidence to inform decision-making
    Knowledge hub key policies and guidance, sources of information, news, events calendar and eBulletins across all aspects of child and maternal health as well as themed hubs for disability, maternity, mental health and psychological well-being, obesity, safeguarding, workforce, young people and youth justice.

  • Target preventive resources, in particular around the Healthy Child Programme, where they are most needed
    PREview helps you make decisions about where to put your preventive resources now in order to make the best return for children in the future.

  • Get support
    Local specialists tailored training and mentoring to support local needs.

Using ChiMat case study

Identifying the challenge

  • The coalition Government pledged to increase Health Visitor numbers by 4,200 by 2015 in the 2011 publication of the Health Visitor Implementation Plan 2011-15: a call to action. With an increase in the number of health visitors now starting to be seen locally, the challenge is making sure that these new health visitors are placed in areas most in need and where this valuable investment will make the greatest difference.

Taking action

  • NHS Midlands and East asked the ChiMat local specialist to produce a report which brings together all available early years data in the East Midlands. This report will then be used to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the local population and prioritise the allocation of health visitors based on this evidence.

    The report draws on a number of ChiMat resources including the QIPP resource packs for maternity and for child health, the Data Atlas as well as the Knowledge Hub. In addition, the various resources developed as part of the PREview project were used and information from NHS Right Care’s the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare – Children and Young People, produced in collaboration with ChiMat.

Seeing benefits locally

  • The report is due to be published in autumn 2012 and will be presented to the East Midlands Health Visitor Group meeting to inform their decision-making process.

For more information see Using ChiMat's resources in practice: Assessing needs.

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