Using ChiMat: Reviewing service provision

An invaluable resource promoting integrated thinking and working across children, young people and family services”

Voluntary sector

Find out how ChiMat can help you assess the strengths in your current services and identify areas for improvement.

ChiMat tools and data

  • Compare performance with other areas and learn from what works in similar locations
    Data atlas - ready analysis and presentation of local, regional and national indicators and statistics over time.

  • Gain a better understanding of current service provision
    Service snapshots - available for child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), disability, infant mortality, maternity, obesity, teenage pregnancy and vaccination and immunisation.

  • Track progress of policy implementation and benchmark performance.
    Self-Assessment Tools - available for acute paediatric services, infant mortality, NICE Neonatal Standards and young people's mental health transitions.

  • Identify unwarranted variation in children’s services, highlighting opportunities to improve health outcomes and minimise inequalities.
    NHS Right Care’s NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare – Children and Young People, developed in collaboration with ChiMat, gives an insight into unwarranted variation in a local area.

Using ChiMat case study

Identifying the problem

  • Recent changes to the structure of public health and the NHS more generally has meant that some individuals and organisations are working in areas which may be new to them. Child mental health was identified as a topic on which more information to bring people up-to-speed might be valuable.

Taking action

  • A specific report was written by the ChiMat local specialist based at the South West Public Health Observatory to look at child mental health. It drew on a number of the resources available in the Knowledge hub for mental health and psychological well-being including Data Atlas and the Self Assessment Tool for CAMHS.

Seeing benefits locally

For more information see Using ChiMat's resources in practice: Reviewing service provision.

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