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Safeguarding Children Training Directory

This directory is based on guidance published in 2010 which has since been updated and replaced. While the training resources listed may still be useful, users should refer to the latest guidance for details of the appropriate levels or groups of staff to which they relate.

All staff working with children and young people need the appropriate safeguarding and child protection training relevant to their role. The Safeguarding Children Training Directory helps you find the training you and your workforce need. Find out more about the Training Directory.

It is based on key guidance (Safeguarding children and young people, produced by the Royal Colleges, and Working together to safeguard children by the former Department for Children Schools and Families) which set out the skills and competencies required of staff when working with children and young people. Note: Since this directory was published in March 2012, the guidance has been updated and replaced.

The boxes below describe different levels or groups of staff and link to the required learning outcomes for each as well as training options available to help individuals achieve those outcomes.

Follow the links below to find safeguarding training resources appropriate for you and your team.

Non-clinical staff - Level 1 / Group 1

All non-clinical staff working in healthcare settings who have infrequent contact with children, young people and/or parents/carers who may become aware of possible abuse or neglect.

Clinical staff - Level 2 / Group 2

All clinical staff who have regular contact or have a period of intense but irregular contact with children, young people and/or parents/carers.

Clinical staff - Level 3 / Group 3

All clinical staff working with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and reviewing/evaluating the needs of a child or young person and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding/child protection concerns.

Designated professionals - Level 5 / Group 5

Specialist roles, designated professionals and professional advisors.

Experts - Level 6

Experts in this context could be a clinical expert (clinician with specialist skills and knowledge) and/or a court appointed expert.

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