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School Health: Reports

This page shows the latest 15 resources to be added to the School Health reports section of the site. New resources are added as they are published.

You can also view the full list of school health reports (this may take some time to load).

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    From February 2017 we will no longer be updating the Knowledge Hub section of our website. To keep up to date with the latest resources relating to children, young people's and maternal health, subscribe to one of our eBulletins. Information on how to sign up is here: www.chimat.org.uk/default.aspx?QN=CHMK9

    Published Date: 06/02/2017

  • Website Funding from the soft drinks industry levy for sport in schools

    The House of Commons Library has produced this pack giving an overview on the issue of allocation of funding from the soft drinks industry levy for sport in schools.

    Publisher: House of Commons Library
    Published Date: 09/01/2017

  • Website Ethnicity, gender and social mobility

    This report from the Social Mobility Commission provides an analysis of the effect gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status have on life chances in the education system and labour market.

    Publisher: Social Mobility Commission
    Published Date: 28/12/2016

  • Website Class differences: ethnicity and disadvantage

    This research brief highlights how the academic attainment of disadvantaged pupils at 16 varies dramatically between different ethnic groups. It focuses on the outcomes for pupils eligible for free school meals at GCSE.

    Publisher: The Sutton Trust
    Published Date: 10/11/2016

  • Website Magic breakfast: evaluation report and executive summary

    This evaluation tested the impact of providing primary schools with resources and support to introduce a breakfast club which is before-school, universal, and free, over one academic year, from September 2014 to July 2015.

    Publisher: Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
    Published Date: 03/11/2016

  • Website SEND: the schools and colleges experience

    This report presents research into how children with SEND and their parents feel about the process of dealing with schools and colleges.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 01/11/2016

  • Website Report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood: physical education

    This is the report from the physical education working group of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. It is not an official publication of the House of Commons or House of Lords.

    Publisher: All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood
    Published Date: 19/10/2016

  • Website Nursing in schools: how school nurses support pupils with long-term health conditions

    Two years on from the introduction of the duty placed on schools to support pupils with medical conditions, the National Children's Bureau (NCB) undertook research exploring school nurses’ self-reported confidence across a range of different long-term health conditions that may affect pupils at school.

    Publisher: National Children’s Bureau (NCB)
    Published Date: 22/09/2016

  • Website Sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools

    This report from the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee examines sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools and its impact on children and young people aged up to 18 years old. The recommendations focus on preventing harassment and violence.

    Publisher: Women and Equalities Select Committee
    Published Date: 13/09/2016

  • Website School nurses: children’s access to school nurses to improve wellbeing and protect them from harm

    This report is a Lightning Review by the Children's Commissioner for England examining children's access to school nurses to improve wellbeing and protect them from harm.

    Publisher: Children's Commissioner for England
    Published Date: 12/09/2016

  • Website Natural connections demonstration project, 2012-2016: final report

    This report presents the key findings from the Natural Connections Demonstration Project, which identified that the fundamental challenges to learning outside the classroom in the natural environment (LINE) in schools were local and revolved around a lack of teacher confidence in teaching outside and fragmentation of LINE service provision.

    Publisher: Natural England
    Published Date: 14/07/2016

  • Website Transforming cancer knowledge in the classroom – and beyond: why it’s time to expand Teenage Cancer Trust’s education & awareness programme

    Teenage Cancer Trust’s report into the impact of cancer education in schools shows the impact of an intervention on young people including their recognition of signs of cancer, recognition of cancer risks, and the impact on young people sharing that information with their friends and family.

    Publisher: Teenage Cancer Trust
    Published Date: 14/07/2016

  • Website Shh…no talking: LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education in the UK

    This report is based on a survey of over 900 young people aged 16-24 and highlights that sex and relationships education (SRE) is inadequate or absent in many schools.

    Publisher: Terrence Higgins Trust
    Published Date: 01/07/2016

  • Website Sport England: towards an active nation. Strategy 2016–2021

    Sport England’s new strategy will help deliver against the five health, social and economic outcomes set out in the Government’s Sporting Future strategy. Key features of the new strategy include dedicated funding to get children and young people active from the age of five, including a new fund for family based activities and offering training to at least two teachers in every secondary school in England to help them better meet the needs of all children, irrespective of their level of sporting ability.

    Publisher: Sport England
    Published Date: 19/05/2016

  • Website Education, education, mental health: supporting secondary schools to play a central role in early intervention mental health services

    This report examines why schools are facing a ‘perfect storm’, and makes the case for putting secondary schools at the heart of early intervention provision for children and young people with emerging, low-level mental health problems.

    Publisher: Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
    Published Date: 16/05/2016

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