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It is essential that time is given to properly planning services which enable the effective transition of young people from child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) to adult services, including adult mental health services (AMHS). This section provides links to a range of resources to help improve the outcomes and process of mental health transition for young people.

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Featured resources

Mental health transitions for young people new is a guide for all staff working with young people in transition. It identifies ten key principles for improving transition and covers underlying principles, information about making services accessible and easy to use, transition planning and practice, working together, and performance management and monitoring.

Mental health service transitions for young people: SCIE research briefing explores the experience of professionals, young people, parents, carers and families and looks at good practice and service models supporting successful service transitions.

Supporting effective transitions - case studies provides good practice case studies showing how services can innovate to improve service transitions for young people.

Pathways to effective transitions: young people's mental health is an e-learning course for those working with young adults or training other colleagues to help professionals design systems to improve the transitions process.

Self Assessment Tool – young people’s mental health transitions enables providers and commissioners of both CAMHS and adult mental health services to assess how good their current transitions planning is and identify what steps they need to take to improve.

Transitions in mental health care: a guide for health and social care professionals is a guide to the legal framework and is aimed at any professional working with young people in transition from CAMHS. It brings together a complex array of legislation, guidance and policy, illustrated with case studies.

Planning mental health services for young adults – improving transitions: a resource for health and social care commissioners This guide assists current and future commissioners of health and social care services for young people in their planning, reviewing and delivery of mental health services for adults and young people.

Young people’s guide to transition and Parents and carers' guide to transition explain what happens when young people receiving help from child and adolescent services are reaching an age when they need to move on from CAMHS and get the support they need from adult services.

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Key Resources

Click on the links below to find key resources to help improve the outcomes and process of mental health transition for young people.

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