What's New in Tools

How healthy are children and young people in your area?

Use the new Local Authority Child Health Profiles 2012 to find out.

Self Assessment Tool- Acute Paediatric Services

Use the latest self assessment tool to assess progress against national standards for acute children's services. Covers Paediatric Surgery and Anaesthesia and Care of the Acutely Unwell Child.

Self Assessment Tool- Disability

Use the latest self assessment tool to assess progress against national standards for services supporting disabled children.

Outcomes versus Expenditure Tool - Child Health

The new Outcomes versus Expenditure Tool for child health allows you to pinpoint opportunities to improve the quality of outcomes and productivity for local services.

Service Snapshot - Infant Mortality

Use the Service Snapshot for infant mortality to look at rates, trends and risk factors in a PCT area.

Self Assessment Tool - Maternity

The Self Assessment Tool for maternity is now available - use it to assess progress against related standards.

Data Atlas

Data Atlas is an interactive mapping tool enabling users to explore, interrogate and view relevant indicators and trends in map, chart and tabular formats.

Using Data Atlas, ChiMat brings together a wide range of data from many different sources in a flexible, theme-based tool. The on-line atlas provides access to local, regional and national child and maternal health indicators and statistics over time.

Over the next few months we will be adding more indicators and will provide different areas for comparison. If you would like to be informed by email when additional features are added to the site, please sign up for the ChiMat Knowledge Update.

Enhanced data atlas

The Advanced Data Selector enables you to create custom atlases (and tables or charts) using local authorities/PCTs and indicators of your choice. You can select and compare indicators from any theme.

  • Choose your areas to include in the tables/mapping.
  • Select the indicators you wish to include across the themes.
  • Save these selections for future use (you will need to register to be able to save selections).

European Data Atlas

A European atlas has been added to the data atlas. The first dataset with European comparisons is the Child Well-being Index.

The Index of Child Well-being in Europe is a comparison of child well-being in the 27 countries of the European Union and Norway and Iceland. It covers seven domains: health, subjective well-being, personal relationships, material resources, education, behaviour and risks, housing and the environment. Comparisons are made of countries performance on each of the domains and components.

The index was developed by Prof Jonathan Bradshaw at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, and Dr Dominic Richardson at the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris.

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