Supporting Children and Parents

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Supervise And Teach Healthy Habits

Be the good parent who teaches good habits to your children. Show them the right path to earning the virtues.

Tips For Parents On Home Learning

Walk beside your child to take every step with them and hold them as they tumble. Teach them to remain unwavering through the challenges.

Together With Your Child

It is important that you be with your child through their thick and thin. Understand their needs and respect their space.

Set Behavioral Expectations

Instill within them the basic behavioral expectations from every age they pass through as they grow.

Review Them Daily

Assess their behavior on a daily basis to reward them when they stick to the standards of humanity.

Support Your Child’s Learning At Home

Act as the emotional and physical prop of your children’s formative years to help them grow the right way.

Child And Maternal Health

We guide you through your maternity to fight the physical and mental challenges to keep yourself and your child healthy.

Meet Your Child's Teacher

Join a meeting with your child’s faculty to learn more about their behavioral and academic progress.

Support Your Child Academically

Assist them while learning to correct their mistakes. Let your knowledge help them as they grow to become responsible students.

Supervise And Teach Healthy Habits

One of the biggest influences on your child’s eating habits is you, so it’s important to lead by example.

Healthy Habits; Healthy Eating; Physical Activity

Accompany your children in their daily activities, including physical exercises and timely meals. Make sure they follow all the healthy habits.



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Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion

From 1 April 2014, the Liaison and Diversion Programme transitioned from Department of Health to NHS England to reflect the move into its implementation phase. More information, including practical guides to the key elements of Liaison and Diversion provision, is...

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