Who we are

The team provides health intelligence, knowledge management and support to practitioners in the field. We do this through:

  • a core team based primarily in our York office (details below).
  • a network of local specialists


Dr Helen Duncan

Programme Director

Helen Duncan

Helen leads the development of the Child and maternal Health (ChiMat) Intelligence function in response to national strategy for child and maternal health. This includes networking with key stakeholders including Government Departments, NHS England, Public Health England (Regions and Centres), Local Authorities, leading academics and clinical experts in the field. Helen is a member of the independent advisory group the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum.

Helen comes to the role with Acute Hospital Board level experience in Health Informatics and private sector consultancy experience with a focus on strategy, business intelligence and knowledge management. A research scientist by background Helen is firmly committed to the principles of evidence based decision making.

Helen has a first class degree in Natural Sciences and PhD from the University of Cambridge and has completed an MBA with the Open University.

tel: 0113 85 57438
mob: 07766 115168
email: Helen.Duncan@phe.gov.uk


Helen Smith

Head of Health Intelligence (job share)

Helen Smith

Helen leads on the development and delivery of our analytical tools and oversees its knowledge management function. As Head of Health Intelligence, Helen provides expert advice and support on child and maternal health intelligence to a range of organisations, particularly in relation to using our tools.

Helen has over twenty years' NHS experience working in information analysis, most recently at NHS Bradford and Airedale.

tel: 0113 85 57461
email: Helen.Smith@phe.gov.uk


Kate Thurland

Head of Health Intelligence (job share)

Kate leads on the maintenance of our Data Atlas and its service planning and performance reports. She is also responsible for providing information and reports on trends in hospital activity relating to children and young people. Alongside Helen Smith, Kate provides expert advice and support on child and maternal health intelligence to a range of organisations, particularly in relation to using our tools.

Kate has previous experience in information management and analysis roles within the NHS and in children’s services in a local authority.

tel: 0191 3742225
email: Kate.Thurland@phe.gov.uk


Hilary Osborne

Business Manager

Hilary Osborne

Hilary leads the key corporate functions including business planning, human resources, accommodation, communications and commissioning. This involves building and maintaining effective collaborative links with a range of national, regional and local stakeholders and partners, to take forward our work programme.

Hilary has held a number of management positions across both the health and academic sectors before joining us in the summer of 2009.

tel: 0113 85 57454
email: Hilary.Osborne@phe.gov.uk


Coleen Milligan

Programme Manager Child Health Information System (CHIS)

tel: 0113 85 57447
email: Coleen.Milligan@phe.gov.uk


Victoria Richardson

Knowledge Manager

Victoria Richardson

Victoria leads the knowledge management work within the team. This includes the development of our website as an effective online resource for finding the latest information, knowledge and intelligence relating to children, young people's and maternal health.

Victoria has over ten years' experience of working in information and knowledge management including within the voluntary sector.

tel: 0776 804 3840
email: Victoria.Richardson@phe.gov.uk


Paul Collingwood

Senior Health Intelligence Analyst

tel: 0191 374 2223


Zachary Gleisner

Public Health Intelligence Analyst

tel: 0191 3742226


Emma Baxter

Web Developer

Emma Baxter

Emma is the Web Developer for our website. This role includes maintaining and developing new interactive web-based tools to ensure the site remains useful to health care professionals. This includes working with developers from across the country to provide the latest relevant information in a meaningful and useful way.

Emma has eight years experience of web development in the private sector.

tel: 0113 85 57435
email: Emma.Baxter@phe.gov.uk


Von Sills


Von provides administrative support to the central team and network of local specialists. She also assists with diary management and financial and HR issues.

Von was previously network coordinator for the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO) and has experience of working in the NHS, local government and the private sector.

tel: 0113 85 57459


Emily South

Knowledge and Evidence Management Assistant

tel: 0113 85 57462


We have a network of local specialists to support you in your work. Click here for details.

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